Belize + Tikal

While these next couple of blog posts are late, we wanted to continue to document and share our travels. 

At the beginning of March, we said goodbye to Mexico and said hello to Belize for a few days! I am so thankful that my family took the time to come see us. It was refreshing and comforting to spend time with family. It felt like a vacation from our traveling. We were able to relax and enjoy time with people we knew. While in Belize, we spent some time scuba diving and playing in the sun! Claire and I finally had a competitive outlet (apart from each other) and were able to play other people in Monopoly Deal (our traveling staple game).

The reef in Ambergris, Belize, is the second-largest in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef. Because the reef is so long and close to the land, we had to take a boat to the outside of the reef to start our dive. Before leaving the dock, the divemaster warned us that we might get seasick. We didn’t take him as seriously as we should have. The waves were the largest we’ve ever seen and we got pretty seasick after coming up from our dive (Zofran to the rescue). BUT it was totally worth it! We saw so many sharks, eels, and colorful fish. 

We didn’t spend too long exploring Belize because it is the only country in Central America that Spanish isn’t the official language (and it be expensive). We really wanted to spend as much time in Spanish speaking countries. 


If you can Belize it, we headed back to Guatemala to see more ruins! We went to Flores, which is a small town that is the starting point for Tikal, a large site of Mayan ruins. Tikal was massive and stunning, by far the largest site of ruins we’ve visited. It took us half a day to see the entire site.  Fun fact, it was the same place that Star Wars IV was filmed. The Millennium Falcon flies over for a brief moment. 

tikallarge temple

While in Flores, we realized we would have to be on buses for 23 hours to make a stopover in a small town known for its hiking, Semuc Chempuey.  WE THEN MADE THE BEST DECISION OF THE ENTIRE TRIP AND FLEW FROM FLORES TO GUATEMALA CITY FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 56 MINUTES. The idea of sitting in a church van for 23 hours through the winding roads of Guatemala sounded nauseating. Through this time traveling, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s ok to splurge and pay for the convenience and comfort. 

Handstand still a team effort.

successful handstand

4 thoughts on “Belize + Tikal

  1. great pics and storyline!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You ladies are by far the bravest people I’ve had the amazing pleasure of knowing. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Absolutely Amazing 😉🤩


    1. Mary! I’m so thankful to know you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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