Oaxaca, Mexico

So we don’t have the plug in Oaxaca but we LOVE IT ANYWAY. Mexico is consistently awesome. We spent two weeks in Oaxaca and would absolutely go back.


There are 31 states in Mexico and Oaxaca is one of them. In Oaxaca we stayed in the major city of Oaxaca. We went to Oaxaca Spanish Magic School for two weeks. They were amazing and we learned so much. Our Airbnb was about a 20 minute walk from the Center and were right next to the baseball stadium (Go Guerreros!). Oaxaca was really great because it had a lot of commodities a large city has and also has so many outdoor activities.

Oaxaca has two large markets open every day. At one of them we decided to order food. You walk up to where they sell all the meats.


We pointed to meat that looked good (all of it) . And then sat down at a booth in a separate part. The booth owners come up and sell tortillas, avocados, drinks, and veggies to make tacos. It’s a pretty neat, not to mention delicious, system.


A popular ingredient that Oaxacans love to use is “flor de calabaza” (squash blossoms), especially in quesadillas which I had more than one of. The brown looking drink is “tejate” which is originates from pre-Hispanic times. It’s a mixture of maize and cacao and….Jocelyn liked it a lot more than I did.

One of these drinks is a tad more popular than the other. The one of the left is a margarita with “chapulines” which are like tiny grasshoppers. The one on the right is pulque, which is fermented agave.

We took a tour outside of Oaxaca and visited a traditional weaving co-op in Teotitlan de Valle. The flowers and elements on the left made the dyes for the textiles on the right.

More importantly– the textile house had like 10 little rat dogs and I loved ALL of them.


We also visited Hierve del Agua on the same tour. They’re waterfalls, or not waterfalls, and are actually petrified rock? Anyway, they’re really cool. The formation is caused by natural mineral springs that bubble over at the top and spill off the sides, making the waterfall like formation.

We finished our time in Oaxaca will an all day cooking class. We (as in like 14 of us) “made” a couple different traditional Oaxacan recipes. Chile rellenos, sopa elote con rajas, quesadillas with Oaxacan cheese, and a chicken mole.

Oaxaca had the best food we had so far, really fun activities, tours, and museums. It’s a beautiful area and can’t wait to go back!

In conclusion what more do we need?:


-Claire (& Jocelyn)

2 thoughts on “Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. Mimi Middendorf April 8, 2019 — 12:20 am

    What fun!!! When do you end your journey?


    1. I’ll be home for almost the whole summer! 🙂 not sure on end date yet though.


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