Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


It has been one month since we’ve moved and we’ve experienced a lot.

For the past 4 weeks we’ve been living in San Pedro on Lake Atitlan with our wonderful host fam. There are 11 towns around the Lake and we went to 6 of them. We’re probably a tad biased, but definitely liked San Pedro the best.

Some top things:

Food. Just in case anyone was wondering, food is still my favorite part of traveling/life in general. I cannot fully express how it consumes so much of my thoughts.

Top left is a pupusa which was $1.75 from Tacomex. Tacomex was my favorite restaurant in San Pedro. They ALSO played a USWNT match so I fell more in love with them.


The lake recently has had this bacteria all over it. It’s kind of unexplainable. Our family said it popped up for the first time 9 years ago and went away after a month. Then it showed up again 3 years ago and went away. And THEN (since we so lucky), it showed up a week after we arrived. It’s sad to witness because the lake brings so much life to all the towns. Some of the teachers at our school are organizing a type of cleanup of the bacteria. We decided to kayak in it anyway. It honestly was not the best, but this picture makes it look a lot better.

BP4 Kayak

bp4 kayak 2.jpg
San Pedro

ALSO, we GRADUATED. I played Vitamin C’s Graduation song (you’re welcome) for the ceremony but surprisingly that 1999 hit did not reach Guatemala. San Pedro Spanish School has really been the best. We’re planning on continuing our lessons with our awesome teacher, Eligio, via Skype. They have such good prices and amazing teachers. We have learned so much with them so hopefully we can keep that up in Costa Rica. 

BP4 graduation


San Juan is a neighboring town (the one we went to the futbol game for). They have a lot of artisanal products (textiles, honey, chocolate). We went to Xunah Kaab which is this super cool bee farm. I think they’re called bee farms? It’s run by Don Lucas and his family. They have these tiny, tiny bees and some great products. It was definitely worth the trip over and we bought some honey beer, because why not.


San Antonio was a small town we visited for an afternoon. They’re mostly known for their pottery. We spent a long time around a lot of glass objects and successfully did not break anything. They also dressed us… so we really blend in now.


I think we spent the perfect amount of time in San Pedro. It’s a wonderful town with kind, generous, people. I am beyond thankful we started with this town, school, and family. Gracias y maltyoox, San Pedro. We’ll miss you.

bp4 estelabp4 group

bp4 kiddos 2

Exploring Antigua for a few days and we leave for Costa Rica on Monday!

-Claire (& Joce)

7 thoughts on “Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  1. “… so we really blend in now” resulted in a laughing / coughing fit that required a cough drop. Beautiful pics, great adventure. Always happy to see your smiling faces. ❤️

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  2. Except for the bacteria on the lake which clearly seems to be associated with your arrival, you’ve been the perfect travelers, exploring, learning, and appreciating. I love reading your travelogue and enjoying your great photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. great photos and updates. thanks for keeping everyone up to date.

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  4. Thanks you two for sharing this wonderful and amazing trip. We miss you lots and Olivia is still Ms “Jocelyn” at times. The office finally got painted. Just need some finishing touches and the artwork. LG is housed 😳 And working with Julianne, and the Best news is little man is in EL. So excited to see what is next for ya. Keep on Keeping on!!!


    1. HI! So many good things going on at AAHS. You’re doing such a great job! Miss you lots.


  5. Hi Jocelyn, I am glad and excited that you are enjoying yourself and learning different things. It seems like the you’ve grown on the children. I can see that because you are a lovable person. I know you have to go on with your life but I was so upset that you had to go. Keep exploring and learning. You are very missed here, and every time I come to Barber st. you automatically come to my mind. God bless and you have a blessed and peaceful day.


    1. Hi! Thanks for keeping up with me, even if it’s through the internet. Hope things are going well with school and internships and balancing family and friends. Tell everyone hey for me at Barber and tell them I miss them lots.


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